Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Trek

This is one of the more desired treks by our staff, and for many reasons. This wilderness is located along the Tennessee/ North Carolina border south of the Great Smokey Mountains.


Part of the trek include the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, a 3,800 acre tract of virgin timber and pristine wilderness splendor. Many of the trees are 16 to 22 feet in circumference and over 120 feet tall. Trips may also cross the Tennessee border into Citico Creek Wilderness expanding the coverage area to over 32,000 acres. There is no set route for this trek due to countless possibilities. The itinerary for each trip will be discussed between the troop and the high adventure staff guide upon arrival to camp. This is extremely rugged and remote mountain wilderness. Those not in good shape should NOT request this trek.

Treks depart either Sunday night or Monday morning and return on Friday. The option to go rafting on Friday is available. Make sure to bring a swimsuit for this journey as swimming holes such as Wildcat Falls highlight this trek. 

Group Size: 10 Total

Fee $340