Goin' Great

First Year Program

Camp Daniel Boone’s Goin’ Great Program ensures that your new Scouts will get off on the right foot. With this premier program each Scout will be an active part of a patrol and participate in learning projects that will enable him to earn a significant number of requirements needed for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.

The Goin’ Great program is divided into two half day programs.  The morning portion of the program is designed for first year, 'never been a scout' campers.  The afternoon portion is targeted for scouts that have participated in cub scouts or have been in a troop long enough to get a solid start. We strive to provide individual attention to each Scout and ample time to learn the requirements that are taught. The program area is divided into 4-6 learning stations with a maximum of 20 Scouts at each station. This ensures a good instructor-to-Scout ratio and enables us to spend more time with each Scout. The goal of the program is to help each Scout begin their journey towards the rank of Eagle Scout through patrol based hands on skill development.

Once enrolled in Goin' Great,  the scout is free to choose merit badge classes for the other part of the day.  

Scoutmaster assistance is strongly encouraged to help give individual attention to the Scouts in this program. Please check with the Goin’ Great staff if you want to offer assistance.



  Participants in the Goin’ Great Program should bring a “personal” first aid kit. This kit should include at least:

  • 5 band-aids
  • 1 tube antiseptic cream
  • Latex gloves
  • 2 roller bandages
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Moleskin
  • Tweezers
  • Calamine lotion 

Goin’ Great Area Daily Schedule

Monday – Friday        9:00 - 12:00     Morning Classes

Monday - Thursday    1:30 – 4:30      Afternoon Classes

Scouts who complete the full program will experience the following:

Goin Great Daily Requirements List


Scout: 1a,1b,1c,1f,3a,3b

Tenderfoot: 1c,2c,3a,5a,5b,5c,4a,7a,8

Second Class: 2g,6a,8b,9a,9b


Scout: 4a,5

Tenderfoot: 3b,3c,3d,4b,4c

Second Class: 6b,6c,6d,6e

Special Award: Totin Chip


Second Class: 2a,2b,2c,3a,3c,3d,

First Class: 3b,7a,7b,7c

Special Award: Firem’n Chit


Tenderfoot: 4b

Second Class: 1b,2f,4

First Class: 5a,5b,5c,5d,

*T4d is given to those who brought and showed a personal First Aid kit to Staff


Second Class: 3b(only for morning session)