All Ages

Scouts will learn to tell a story using pictures as well as draw an object using a variety of mediums. Requirement #4 may not be completed.



All Ages - $ (cost varies depending on size and type of basket kit. Generally between $15 -  $20 for merit badge.)

Scouts will learn about the glorious world of basketry, including different types of weaves and baskets. They will purchase, create, and take home two baskets, in addition to weaving a chair.


Indian Lore

All Ages - $ Cost varies depending on craft kits purchased. Average cost is $10 - $20)

Through this exciting, hands-on merit badge, Scouts will discover numerous aspects of the of Native American culture. Playing games, speaking the language, singing songs, listening to legends, or creating and building items similar to those utilized by our ancestors are just a few ways that participants will learn about Western North Carolina’s oldest residents. Some will focus on Cherokee culture, and some groups will focus on Shawnee culture.



All Ages - $ Cost varies. Average cost is $15 - $20.

The class will learn where leather comes from, how it is used, how to tan, cure, and finish it, and how to take care of it. Scouts will also get an opportunity to create their own leather souvenir.


Space Exploration

All Ages – Cost $10  depending on model rocket style purchased.

Scouts learn about the how and why of mankind’s journey into outer space. They have an opportunity to build, launch, and recover a model rocket. The class also encourages creative thinking towards outer space and involves designing an unmanned space mission and a manned base on another planet.



All Ages - $ Cost Varies. Average cost is $9

This craft will serve you for a lifetime. Learn the best wood to carve, the tools to use, and how to carve correctly, then plan and carve two projects to take home.