All Ages
Learn about the elements of a good movie. Create a story line and learn to use filming equipment. Film your story. Learn about career opportunities in the cinematography world.

Citizenship in the Nation

Recommended Age: 12
Learn about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen in the United States. Dig deeper into the founding documents such as the bill of rights and the constitution. Learn about some famous speeches and historical sites. Participants should bring the contact information for their US Senators and Congressman with them to camp. (Req. 8) Either 2a, 2b or 2c must be completed at home.

Citizenship in the World

Recommended Age: 13
Scouts learn about the meaning of global citizenship and the relationship between nations and world organizations. This course requires a high level of maturity and participation. Scouts will also get to visit with a Scout from another country.


Recommended Age: 13
During this session, Scouts will participate in several written and oral activities designed to strengthen their communication skills. Scouts that prepare some material before camp will find it easier to complete this badge. Requirements 5, 7, and 8 must be completed at home.

Emergency Preparedness

Recommended Age: 13 Prerequisite: First Aid Merit Badge
Scouts will learn to take care of themselves, their families, and complete strangers in case of emergencies. This is an advanced merit badge, resulting in increased confidence in the event of catastrophic events. For Requirement 8a, 8b, 8c, proof of creating and participating in a troop mobilization and a creating a personal emergency service pack MUST be done at home. Requirements 2c, 6b & 6c must be done prior to camp.


All Ages
Scouts will learn the basics of what it is to be a lawyer. They will learn about famous trials, talk to a lawyer, learn about basic laws, and conduct a mock trial in class. Requirement 4, go to a law enforcement officer in your neighborhood and ask about his or her responsibilities and duties, will not be able to be completed at camp. This should be done prior to camp and brought to the counselor at camp for approval.


All Ages
Scouts will learn about the wonderful world of Perfect 5ths and Diminished Triads. Scouts will learn the history of music and listen to many musical examples. Scouts must complete either 3a, 3b, 3c from the music merit badge. Requirement 6 from the bugling merit badge must also be completed prior coming to camp. It is highly recommended that the Scout bring his own trumpet, bugle, or cornet.


All Ages
Scouts must bring their own digital camera. Any cheap digital camera will do. If a Scout brings a disposable camera, the Scout will need 4 to 5 of them because the class will take 150 to 200 pictures. If a disposable camera is used, then the Scout will have to get his pictures developed in order to show the counselor his pictures before he leaves camp in order to get credit for the merit badge. Scouts will learn how different elements affect picture quality, the basic parts of a camera, produce a story using pictures, and create a slide show focusing on a single topic of the Scouts choice.

Public Speaking

All Ages
Scouts will learn how to be a better presenter. This merit badge is intended for the Scouts that are not comfortable in speaking in front of audiences to join. Scouts will learn how to give a speech, make a presentation, talk impromptu in front of a class, and learn how to run a meeting.

Trail to Eagle

All Ages
This is a non credit program in which participants discuss the Eagle Scout Project requirements and how to fill out the workbook. Major changes to the Eagle Workbook beginning in January 2013 will be covered. They will also discuss the Eagle Scout Application and what it means to be an Eagle Scout. This 2 day session will be offered during free time on Monday and Tuesday.