Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math



All Ages-
Scouts will learn about the thought and planning involved in designing structures and learn how to accurately scale drawings of structures.


All Ages –
Scouts will learn about chemical reactions, build a Cartesian diver, and learn about uses of chemicals in commercial and industrial uses.

Digital Technology

All Ages
Scouts will learn becoming familiar with digitized storage, the difference between lossy and lossless data, compression and digital devices and their uses learning about computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and computer networks and purposes. Investigating malware and protection of digital devices and information.


All Ages
Scouts will learn how we generate, transmit, and use electricity. Requirements 2, 8, and 9A must be completed at home.

Game Design

All Ages-
Scouts will learn about the basic concepts behind the creation of game play. Scouts will test theories by creating and participating in games.


All Ages
Scouts will use their imagination to make an invention of their own. They will also learn about famous inventors and the patent process. Requirement 7 to build a working prototype model will need to be completed after camp.

Space Exploration

All Ages – (Cost $10 - $15 depending on model rocket style purchased)
Scouts learn about the how and why of mankind’s journey into outer space. They have an opportunity to build, launch, and recover a model rocket. The class also encourages creative thinking towards outer space and involves designing an unmanned space mission and a manned base on another planet.