Boonesboro Village

Not Just Learning History, But Living It!


Boonesboro Village is a living history program at Camp Daniel Boone. It allows scouts scouters and parents attending CDB to experience life skills and crafts that were common in the late-1700s. Living in Boonesboro Village is like going to Boy Scout Camp in 1767, with an atmosphere and camaraderie that is very different from most traditional base camp experiences. 

Participants will enter the 1770s Sunday afternoon and experience life as our ancestors knew it until they return to the 21st century on Saturday morning. Villagers live in barracks and prepare all of their own meals over open fire using equipment and foods that were available in the 1770s. 

Each resident villager is provided with a period hunting shirt (their class “A” uniform for the week), a Boonesboro Patch and two craft kits with their fees. Each resident villager can select one from group A and one from group B listed below. Special medallions will be awarded to each CDB villager who completes at least 1 craft. 

Additional crafts may be purchased at the prevailing rate. Merit badge opportunities within the village include Metalworking, Wilderness Survival, Leatherworking, Indian Lore and Pottery. Resident Villagers will also be able to earn additional merit badges in the CDB base camp program. This is accomplished by working in the village in either the morning or afternoon and taking merit badges in base camp the other half of the day. 

Each Village Craft Center is directed by Master Craftsman with over 20 years experience in their specific craft. They will teach you the skills of the 1770s as well as the history of the period, and of their craft. Don’t delay, become a resident villager today and discover this unique program full of crafts, contests, games, and many surprises what hundreds of other campers have in the past few years. 

Crafts offered include blacksmithing projects, make a wooden spoon or bowl, make a candle lantern, pottery projects, knife-making, various Indian Lore crafts including moccasins, felt bags and wampum bracelets. Games and contests will include learning to make fire by flint & steel, and the bow drill, knife & ‘hawk throw’n, and the Highland Games on Wednesday afternoon. 

Villagers will do all of their own cooking in the campsite. Adults work with the scouts to complete each day’s duties. Menu items in the past have included Cornish game hens, buffalo stew, fresh eggs, fluffy pancakes, homemade biscuits and gravy and other delicious items. All cooking and serving equipment is provided. Participants may not bring more than 1 standard footlocker of personal gear into the village. 

All campers at CDB are invited to stop by and visit Boonesboro Village during the hours of 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. daily. Whether it be to set and chat with a good cup of coffee or tea, or to build one of the crafts yourself, the village is always happy to see wayfarin campers stop in. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, the Village reopens at 7:30pm for an evening demonstation, followed immediately by the opening of the Tavern and with drinks, snacks, live music, and tavern games. 

All participants must be age 13 by June 1, 2023